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Agency Agreement

THIS AGENCY AGREEMENT is made and entered into, on this the day of 2013 at Bangalore by and between: BLUECHIP SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (CHENNAI) PVT LTD., No.18, 7th main, 80 feet road, 1st floor, SBM building, Kalyan Nagar, HRBR layout, Bangalore-560 043

Hereinafter called the PRINCIPAL; And Hereinafter called the AGENT The Principal has been sourcing students to the Colleges abroad for international education from all over the world. The Agent has approached the Principal and appraised that he will source the students to the Principal. The Principal has accepted the offer of the Agent for sourcing the students to it, on the following terms and conditions.

Responsibilities of an Agent:

Agent agrees to the following:

• To promote Principal in his jurisdiction as a first class sourcing company.

• To promote Principal through its various offices and associates throughout the country or areas agreed upon.

• To supply market information to Principal as required, if and when possible.

• To distribute and promote material given by Principal for publication, advertising or promotional material, concerning study programs.

• To ensure that all prospective students are accurately and fully informed, on the fee payment procedures and the terms and conditions of enrolment.

• To try to ensure that all prospective students are fully motivated to study programs provided by schools and to find good quality students who will successfully complete such programs.

Agent agrees to receive and process applications, including the following:

• To interview, counsel and screen prospective students who are interested in applying for courses at the school given by the Principal.

• To try to make sure that all information supplied to prospective students is true and accurate.

• To recommend suitable applicants to Principal for consideration, pre-assess the applicants using the best method at Principal's disposal (interviews, language tests, etc).

• To ensure that the prospective candidate completes the official application form, including complete documentation and certificate of copies of original documents, to support the application.

• To interview each student, to ensure that they possess the necessary level of skills and education, to qualify for any one of the programs.

• To ensure that all forms and documents be promptly and diligently transmitted to the Principal's office.

• To advice and assist prospective students in paying fees for obtaining visas and making travel arrangements.

• Agent shall try to ensure that a stamp is put on each application file sent by them to the Principal. This stamp is proof of the pre-selection made by them. Agent can also inform Principal that it has referred a specific student to Principal even without this proof and if it is clear that the Agent has in fact recommended a particular student, Agent should be reimbursed for this.

• Agent may have the opportunity to visit the Principal during the tenure of this agreement which is valid for two years

• The Principal will monitor the Agent closely and provide all technical support to the Agent.

• The Agent can not appoint any other agents or sub agents. If the Agent come across any person who wants to act as agent, then the agent shall refer such person to the Principal.

Responsibilities of Principal

• Principal agrees to provide promotional material, information brochures and documents for use by the Agent. Principal establishes the admission criteria to this agreement and should provide Agent with a model application form that applicants will have to complete and provide a list of documents required, to support each application.

• Principal will instruct Agent for the admission of students, who are definitely accepted on full consideration of the students application file.

• Principal shall pay to the Agent 50% of the amount of commission it has received from the Schools/Colleges.

• Principal will not be responsible in any way for the Agent's normal business expenses nor in the payment of any charge or taxes on its business, related or unrelated to recruitment activities.

• Principal agrees to pay Agent or any other body designated by Agent the commission within 30 days of receiving each payment from school. If the student divides his or her payment to school into 2 separate payments, Principal agrees to pay Agent OR any other body designated by Agent a commission on the first amount within 30 days of receiving each payment of commissions from school or make Agent or any other body designated by Agent wait until the total amount of fees have been paid to Principal.

Promotional Activities

Promotional activities said hereinafter "ordinary", organized and initiated by Agent for general marketing purposes, will be at the expense of Agent. Principal and Agent agree to publish the internet links and the coordinates of each other on the official websites without any extra cost. "Ordinary" promotional activities on the part of Agent include, contacting potential students by phone or e-mails, conducting preliminary interviews, showing students marketing material provided by Principal and placing ads and announcements online and in the print media about Principal offered programs.

Principal will consider request from Agent for "non ordinary" marketing activities, in addition to the ordinary promotional activities. The Principal will respond to such requests. Unless prior agreement has been obtained for such promotional activities from Principal, Principal will not be responsible for any expenditure incurred by Agent. "No ordinary" promotional activities include the translation of Principal staff, Principal's travel expenses or any and all fees or costs incurred by Principal's printing or preparing marketing material.

Code of Conduct

• Agent will at all times act in an ethical and professional manner, in dealing with international students, their families and Principal. The Agent shall not disclose any commission payable from Principal as a result of a student's enrolment in one of their degree programs.

• Agent shall provide advice to international students based on instructions and advice from Principal.

• Agent and his employees shall maintain confidentiality in relation to information obtained, as a result of business dealings relating to Principal. Such information will not be used or disclosed or published by Agent other than in the performance of this convention, without the previous written approval of the Director of the Principal.


This agreement will commence on the date hereof and will remain in effect for a period of two years and is automatically renewable annually, until terminated, except if one party decides not to renew the contract by means of a 4 week written notice, to the other party by registered mail. If either party considers the other party to be in default of his obligation as set out above, the Agreement may be terminated by giving the other party a one month written notice of intention to terminate. After termination of the contact, no indemnity will be due, to the other party.

Governing Law-jurisdiction

The agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of India. The parties agree to designate the jurisdiction of India, to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the present contact.

Language of Agreement: English
Signature of Principal:
Signature of Agent:
Company Name
Name of Representative:
Signature of Representative:

Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd., is enganged in providing services to students in the field of international education. The Company has its branches in Karnataka and Tamilnadu and has a vast network throughout India, offering services for many years. As part of our expansion plans, we wish to appoint associates/franchisees throughout India, in major cities and towns.

To be an associate of our Company, please note the following terms and conditions.

An 'official' associate/franchisee is one who has entered into a written agreement with the Company. Such associates cannot appoint sub-associates/franchisees, to facilitate their work or improve their business. Any such writing decisions in this regard, need a written approvalval in writing from the Managing Director of Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd.,

The arrangement with an associate is valid for the town/city approved and agreed for and for the duration as determined in the agreement.

Financial terms and conditions governing the associate/franchise arrangement, which form part of the written agreement, will be determined in mutual consultation and acceptance.

The associate or its staff members should not be doing similar business or employment which is in direct competition with the business of Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd., The Managing Director will have the right to terminate the agreement immediately if such an instance comes to its notice. Further legal action will be initiated to redress the situation, through courts of law and/or by arbitration.

Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd., will provide services to the students of associates/franchisees to the best of its abilities and as per the terms and conditions applicable to such a package/service accepted for. However, Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd., will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever, to either the student and/or associate, because of changes in the policies and procedures of universities/companies/agents with whom Bluechip Services International (Chennai) Pvt., Ltd., deals with.

Any dispute is subject to redressal within the legal jurisdiction of Bangalore city, Karnataka. If you need any more information or clarifications about the franchise offer, please contact

Shertech Software Solutions LLP
#8, Ganesh Temple Street,
Sir M.v nagar, BEML Nagar Post
KGF -563115

Skpe id : bluechip_kgf.franchise
Tel: 0091-8153-278542


The prospect of overseas education is always fascinating for Indian Students but they have lots of queries regarding financial aids, scholarships, accommodation etc. At Bluechip, we strive best to carry out your dream of studying abroad by providing you with comprehensive information.

Financial aid and scholarships come in different shapes and sizes. A large number of Universities, colleges, schools, other educational institutions and government and private organizations, offer scholarships for various study programs, to study-abroad students.

It is important to be aware of the accurate conditions and specifications of the scholarships as some cover only tuition fees and others include boarding related stipends.

Finding the right place to live can be difficult if Universities do not offer accommodation. If this is the case, a search will have to be made, for off-campus options, home stay, rental apartment or guesthouse facilities, etc. Usually universities have an accommodation office to help with this. Costs vary greatly from country to country, depending on the location and time of the year. As health care can be very costly, most foreign institutions require that all students, including international students, be covered by an insurance policy for protection against medical and hospital bills.

A checklist of some of the more essential items to bring along, when studying abroad includes: A business suit (for presentations and job interviews), mobile phone, adaptors, medicine, winter clothes, digital camera, laptop with wireless connection and cash for opening bank accounts.

When moving away from home for the first time, there are many expenses to consider: a rental security deposit, new household items and telephone, cable, and Internet connection fees, plus ongoing costs. There are costs that include rent, tuition, utilities, transportation, entertainment and clothing, etc. One-time expenses such as moving costs, books, etc., also, need to be factored in.